As I said in my introduction, travel blogs today have a tendency to sugar coat their stories. Many of these blogs focus only on the positive side of traveling and leave out negative details. In doing so, these blogs push their viewers to have a false understanding of reality.

However, there are some good ones out there. My advice to you is to look for blogs similar to these…

1. Drew Binsky

This video is one of my favorites

Binsky is relatively well known on Facebook and YouTube and is loved by his 1 million loyal followers. He provides them with regular updates on all of his platforms. These updates will usually be videos about what he has been up to. His goal is to “visit every country on earth” while spreading “peace, positivity, and happiness.”

The most important stories Binsky creates are those that cover the individual stories of people in foreign countries. These stories usually introduce a unique person and uncover facts about their life. Many of these people have overcome a tough situation. A great example is his story about a refugee from Kenya that overcame her life challenges and is now a supermodel!

Halima Aden, UNICEF Ambassador and Model

However, these stories are not what separate Binsky from other travel bloggers. Binsky does not only focus on the positive side of traveling, he is realistic about the costs and dangers associated with travel. By doing this, Binsky helps educate his followers and portrays an accurate picture of the reality of travel.

He has multiple videos that relate to his scariest travel stories. This is one that I recommend you watch before you leave for your next trip. He even notes that his videos are his personal experience and that the advice given should be taken “with a grain of salt.” Doing this helps save the reputation of these countries.

Scariest Travel Stories Part 3

Overall, Drew Binsky has a fantastic blog that promotes safe travel. He shares his videos with the intention of spreading truth and positivity. I suggest exploring his Facebook and YouTube channels for topics you are interested in. You never know, he might have some tips for your next vacation!

I highly recommend starting here…

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